Saturday, 24 May 2008

Sapporo Ichiban

There can be a no more unlikely spot for an evening meal than tucked away behind the council offices, amidst the shuttered nail salons and amusement arcades that make up Catford Broadway. But that is where you find our local Japanese restaurant.

As a huge fan of Japanese food, I was keen to find somewhere when I moved to Forest Hill.

Sapporo Ichiban is a solid local London Japanese restaurant. A step up from most local Japanese, the sushi we ate was fresh and satisfying with enough variety to keep us interested. It is also nice to see a local family run style place, as opposed to the omnipresent Hi Sushi, Yo Sushi etc of town.

On the Tuesday night we visited, the place was busy with groups of friends, I think attracted by the weekday buffet option. A good sign was that the clientele was Asian and looked happy with their food. We certainly were and we shall be back.

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